Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web. My name is Kristin and I made this page as a creative outlet and out of nostalgia for coding. My page is always under construction because I just stumbled upon neocities recently (Est. October 2021) and I also have a bad habit of changing things before I complete the last thing.
I grew up in the early 90s so this site (neocities) is extremely nostalgic for me and it reminds me of when I played my very first video games (doom and quake) and of course who didnt love microsoft paint when they were young! Ive watched the internet grow from its infancy and I expanded into coding and website design, as well as graphic design and painting when I was in my early teens. This site is designed to bring back feelings of the old web and nostalgia for the late 90s. If you have any questions about the site, the host, or content, I ask you use my chatbox, hit me up on discord or shoot me and email.

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Discord: antikrist#2176

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